Sunday, October 28, 2012

Links to extraordinary women

Research into a new writing project has kept me from regular updates of late but, in the meantime, here is a miscellany of links to sites that are worth browsing. Through them you will find famous and little-known women who have been, or still are, an inspiration in their own countries and around the world.

From Myhero

There are numerous American websites devoted to women’s history or achievements but here are some for countries that hold special interest for me, and there are bound to be many more.



South Africa

International Women's Day links

And some quotes to contemplate

To celebrate great warrior women of history, this stirring imagery can't be beaten and has always been a great favourite of mine.

It may be fanciful, but Thomas Thornycroft's statue of Queen Boadicea/Boudicca and her daughters on Westminster Bridge still has undeniable power. (This photo is one of many to be found on Flickr pages.)