Monday, May 21, 2012

Another forgotten heroine

In the Agenda section of Melbourne's Sunday Herald Sun yesterday, Sunday 20 May, was a story about one woman's quest to have an unmarked grave of her great-aunt a World War 1 nurse, Estelle Lee Archer, rehabilitated by the Office of Australian War Graves Office.

There is much history waiting to be rediscovered on nurses who won the Royal Red Cross, the majority of whom have slipped into obscurity or were just overlooked, so this is a story that should be publicised more. I'd have liked to post a web link to Margaret Leyden's campaign here but am unable to do so as it is not available online, so include a scan of the article instead.

Most articles in daily newspapers are freely available online on the day of publication - or for at least a week or two afterwards but News Limited's webmasters probably don't consider stories like this to be of much interest and if you want to read this article online, you have to pay for it again even if you've already bought the print version!

Even the ghastly UK Daily Mail regularly publishes historical gems free online and although you often have to wade through a ton of unbelievable trash to find them, they can be found.

Rant aside, here are the scans.

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